Help Us Expand the Unconsumption Project



Expand the Unconsumption Project

1. What do you propose to do?

Expand Unconsumption’s capacity to serve as a resource for sharing stories and ideas about creative reuse and mindful consumption.

We intend to build on our existing network on Tumblr — our primary online home since January 2009 — and our networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, PBWorks (where our wiki resides), Instagram, and Google+. Funding from the Knight Foundation would enable us to broaden and expand our efforts.

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Basically: My Unconsumption colleague MollyBlock has us in the running to get a bit of Knight Foundation funding that would help us take this all-volunteer project to a whole new level.

Right now, we need to show the Knight Foundation that people care, via reblogs & likes. So if you wanna help, you know what to do


It’s so rewarding to see such a groundswell of support – as indicated by Tumblr likes and reblogs, and Disqus comments and likes – for the expansion of Unconsumption.

In the past 18 hours alone, following the publishing of our Unconsumption post about our proposal to the Knight Foundation, this Tumblr post has received 130 likes/reblogs! The additional support (likes, reblogs, comments, etc.) added to this post between now and March 29 will really be fantastic – and will help qualify us as a finalist for Knight News Challenge funding. Very exciting.