Worth a look: Koolhaas HouseLife, a quirky film that provides a different perspective of #architecture.

The film, set in the “House in Bordeaux,” a 1998 residence designed by Rem Koolhaas / OMA for a wheelchair-using owner, features the owner-family’s housekeeper as she takes care of the house’s cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable’s Wall Street Journal story describes both the building and many of its innovative design elements (several of which are mechanical and showing wear after some 10+ years of use) and the film, which was released last year.

The house’s physical imperfections aside, Koolhaas HouseLife – and other not-yet-released films in the “Living Architectures" series – offers viewers fresh ways of looking at buildings and their architects.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a design fan, you likely will enjoy this visual treat.

(Did you watch all three trailers?)