Is It Crazy For Parents To Choose A Unique Baby Name Just For The Twitter Handle?


When it comes to Twitter handles, @JohnSmith and @JaneSmith are obviously taken. So if you’re a brand new parent-to-be and you’re stuck with the common surname “Smith”, you’ve got to get pretty creative with your baby’s first name if you want him or her to grow up with a unique social footprint. But is that really something you should be thinking about between Lamaze classes? (via AllTwitter)

Customers, restaurants, and tweets

So this Twitter-fueled situation happened on Sunday night in Houston: 

Now it’s heartening to read about a different restaurant-related incident that took place, again thanks to Twitter, last night in the New York City area: 

Twitter is All About the Links

Via steverubel:

Fortune recaps statements from Twitter on engagement. And there’s no surprise here….

“80% of Twitter engagement consists of people clicking on a tweet, while the remaining 20% is a Retweet or a Tweet.”

This is why brands on Twitter need to view themselves as curators. Tweet 75% of the time with links that are relevant to your zone and 25% about yourself. There’s too much competition for people’s time these days. It’s not about you.